Many visitors to Folly Beach have stumbled across loggerhead turtle eggs on their early morning shell walks, while it’s interesting and exciting it’s illegal to tamper with these nests!

Quite often in the morning the patrol crews of DNR ‘Department of natural resources’ make morning cruises to place signs to warn visitors that loggerhead turtles have laid eggs in the area.

You can see loggerhead turtles have made marks coming down from the eggs nest as seen in the photograph, they leave a fin weave mark like a foortprint so be sure to stay clear of these areas as there are fines related to damaging loggerhead turtle nests.

Rarely Folly Beach visitors are able to watch the eggs hatch or come and watch released turtles from our local aquarium that have healed from injuries, be placed back into their ocean environments.

Check with South Carolina aquarium for details on turtle release and how to donate to this amazing cause.