Come explore the world of shark teeth hunting on Folly Beach. Many visitors to Folly Beach come to the beach in search of ancient shark teeth and have heard stories about Megalodon teeth up to 5 inches long, we’ve got some pointers for our visitors for how to find shark teeth and be able to bring some home to your friends and family.

You’d be surprised but many people think that shark teeth are white when in fact most will actually be dark brown or black, it can be confusing from time to time as Shark teeth will be mixed in with oyster shells and other similar shaped shells.

Look for a shimmer or shine, most teeth still have their luster after millions of years, use the enamel to your advantage as most shells pale Next to a shiny shark tooth!

Be sure to grab a local tide chart while on Folly Beach to locate the best time to go shark tooth hunting you should try to go just after Low tide so that you can be the first to find any newly uncovered shark teeth.

And finally it’s all about being there and looking before everyone else has already found them all! It’s best to rise with the sun and get out right away and start searching the water line, if waves have done their job you should be able to find rows of newly swept in debris, shells and hopefully shiny shark teeth!

Bring water and sunscreen and good luck on your Folly Beach Shark Tooth Hunting!