Looking for a fun time or something unique to do while on Folly Beach, rent a bicycle or a golf cart near center street for the day and head down east Ashley road all the way until you hit sand, then you know your close to the lighthouse at Folly Beach.

Morris Island lighthouse located 4 miles from Center St., North is one of the last functioning lighthouses on the East Coast it is used in movies and millions of photo shoots every year, this is a must see when visiting the local area. Just the scenery and the natural environment is a relaxing get away! You can lay out or swim or explore the waterline

For shells and point out the various wildlife you’ll see while near the lighthouse and river outlet. It’s only a small walk from your golf cart or you can carry your bike out to the area where you can view the lighthouse which now has many guide signs to reach your destination on your hike.

On most days you will see many types of sea life and birds of course depending on the weather! You can just imagine the days when huge ships used This lighthouse to stay clear Of the shallows nearby and continue on their adventures bringing goods and trade while weathering the storms!

Recently, due to encouraging local funding, the light house gets lit on special dates so that visitors and tourists can see the lighthouse in its true glory, at one point the lighthouse was in risk of vanishing forever as natural erosion and storms were threatening to destroy this popular landmark, thanks to “save the light” a local foundation the lighthouse has been restored to its full glory, so be sure to make a special trip to go see this amazing water structure while on Folly Beach and don’t be surprised to see dolphins feeding and sometimes an albino loggerhead named Smitty!