East Folly Shores??  Where is it??


It was platted in 1959 as a new development for Folly Beach.  It started in the area below the wash out in what is now the 1600 block.

The lots on the ocean were 60×140 and the canal lots were 60×200  Different from the rest of the Island.  The canal was man made and gave the canal lots access to deep water.  There was also another street that ran off Ashley Ave Called Benkett Drive.  Where the handicap walk is now the street went out and Benkett ran in front of what are known as B lots now.

Came back in at Summer Place and joined back to Ashley A row of large Dunes ran in front of Benkett to the Atlantic Ocean. The lots were sold for $2000 on the Ocean and $1000 on the Canal, that was a lot of money in the Early 60’s.  On the large portion of land by Summer Place and before the turn around at the Coast Guard Station was to be a large Resort Hotel, it was never built but was on the original plans